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Doug Whitney, alfalfa producer/custom hay operator, Roswell, New Mexico-
How many times have you gone to the field when the back porch humidity gage says it’s ready, just to find a wind holding out the moisture from setting into the windrow – or, got there and a dew set early and you’re too late? I had looked all my life for a system like the sens-alert. I’m several years into using mine and wouldn’t do custom haying without it. The combination of in-field humidity sensing and moisture sensing clips allows me to determine if the wind is holding out the moisture, or if a dew is setting on top or ground moisture starting to rise into the bottom of a windrow. It calls me when any of these values are reached, and if I’m laying awake in bed or gone out to dinner, I can call the sens-alert unit and it will tell me how close it’s getting.
Sometimes after 6 trips to the field at 45 minute intervals, you don’t care anymore – you just want sleep, or to start baling. The sens-alert unit has given me and my crew the ability to more accurately put up hay, while maintaining quality of life. You can rest easy knowing it will call when the time is right, and your hay gains quality. I figured my unit paid for itself in the first month in tonnage alone.”

-Hank Cheyne, Hay grower Bonanza, Oregon-
In the past I had used many different methods of trying to determine when the dew was right for night time baling. All the methods involved getting up to check the hay several times and sometimes missing some prime baling time. I then found the Sens-Alert system and after a couple of nights knew I had hit the jackpot! I am now able to set the Sens-Alert up in the evening and go to bed knowing it will wake me when the conditions are right for baling. I have the radio version of the Sens-Alert since all my fields are line of sight from my house and I use the Relative Humidity probe which is laid on the top of the windrow. I would recommend the Sens-Alert system to anyone since it is very trouble free, reliable and user friendly.

-Mick McCann, Hay grower, California-
We looked into purchasing a Sens-Alert system for a couple of years. It was not the cost that was holding us back, it was being skeptical on whether or not the unit would work. After checking with a few of your customers that were using the Sens-Alert, we decided to try one.
Since that time, we are totally sold. How many nights did we spend out in the field sleeping in pick-ups and waiting for the dew to come in? My employees loved it; but, they could sleep the next day while we were up trying to run our business. The Sens-Alert can call me at 8:00 PM one day and 11:00 PM the next day. If the weather seems different I can call the unit and it will update me on the current readings. The dew sensor placed on the top and on the bottom of the wind-row will tell me if the dew is coming in or if I am getting ground moisture. The humidity sensor is another way that I will receive a call. The unit gives me the capability to make my own settings for when I want to receive a call. Based on the settings I have selected, I call the employees after my first call and by the time we get to the field, we are usually ready to start baling.

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