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Custom Remote Sensing and Alarm Systems


2-Way GMRS/FMRS RADIO INTERFACE UNITS with voice capabilities

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This system offers the user coverage for alarm callout capabilities in areas where they have Line-of -Sight radio transmission capabilities.

External View
Internal View showing Cobra Hand-Held
System Description Shown Below
• Our RCIU - (Radio Controller interface unit):

The RCIU- series systems have been designed to interface ML Designs' "Sens-Alert system with The common 2-way mobile radio systems available today, hence the name RCIU, "Radio Controller Interface Unit". It is a very versatile unit. The RCIU is comprised of a properly configured "Cobra" FMRS or GMRS hand held with the external VOX or "Hands-Free" capabilities built in to the radio, an ML Designs' Sens-Alert control module system, a power supply, and selected sensor(s). Transmission range is only limited by the range of your 2-way radio system. Choosing from a number of sensor options, the system functions to alert the operator that a certain condition exists in a remote location. Upon sensing the appropriate "trip condition" (pre-programmed by the operator) the RCIU activates a automatic call-out sequence, where it automatically powers up the radio, keys the microphone, and plays a voice message over the radios frequency, a specified number of times. The unit plays a message that corresponds to the sensor that trips the device. The trip points for the unit are user selected at the units control panel by the operator prior to setting the unit in a remote location. There is an additional feature that allows for "remote switching" of some system adjacent to the unit via an optional relay output.

A common use for this system is for Alfalfa baling operations. In this application the RCIU utilizes the Dual-Channel (two sensor dew/hay sensor) capability, developed for monitoring hay conditions. Instead of sleeping in their truck in the middle of their field all night, they let the RCIU system do all the work. In this arrangement the operator sets the unit in a remote field adjacent to the windrow (where dew onset is to be determined). They power up the device and verify the appropriate settings via the display on the front of the control panel. All settings for the system are made on the front panel of the Sens-Alert unit within the enclosure. Next they set out their sensors for monitoring dew on the top and bottom of the wind row then they leave the device in the field and return to their shop or house and wait for a transmission alerting them that the device has reacted to dew onset or "Hay Toughness"! The transmission cycles on and off at user selected intervals (i.e., unit transmits message, then waits for 5 minutes before transmitting again, then waits for another five minutes....etc.) The operator then returns to the unit, terminates its power and begins working. The unit will continue it transmission cycling sequence as long as the trip condition exists, or until someone returns to terminate power at the unit. The delay between successive callouts is adjustable by the operator.

*Note that this system can be utilized for other sensors as well. See below, or Contact ML Designs for your special requirements.*

The RCIU is a fully self containded package including a pair of Cobra GMRS/FMRS radios, A rechargeable battery and compatible charger, our Sens-Alert control unit, a "tool Box" type enclosure for easy transportation to remote site, and an instruction manual. The selection of any of the optional sensors completes the system. - Additional custom features and components can be added - See below and call ML Designs to discuss possibilities and pricing.

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Standard System attributes:

The system comes fully assembled and tested. It is ready to use right out of the box. Transmission range limited only by radio transmitter system.

Weight: 18 lbs (with Plastic Enclosure and 12Ahr battery).

Battery Type: Rechargeable Gel-Cell, Sealed Lead acid chemistry

Enclosure size; Plastic: 19in L x 15in W x 9in H. with Overmolded handle, water tight.


Standard (included with the unit)

1. Two channels of Dew (or Hay Clip) monitoring capability with Dew (or Hay Clip) trip point alarm callout

2. Remote Voice call-up capability where the user calls the unit and interrogates the device for current readings and the readings are "spoken" to the caller.

3. Voice alarm-callout, where the unit calls out as a result of a trip condition and plays a voice message indicating; 1) Unit    I.D., 2) what caused the unit to trip.

4. 12VDC battery supply with compatible charger system and 110VAC power chord


Optional (available for the unit)

1. 2 channels of Switch change-of-state monitoring (transitions from switch NO or NC) with alarm callout upon change-of-state

2. Relative Humidity (RH) monitoring with RH trip point alarm callout (see below)

3. Temperature monitoring with minimum/maximum temperature trip point alarm callout (unit calls out as temperature reaches a value selected by operator, i.e. freeze detection)

4. Relay control at the unit ("local switching control") as a result of User calling the unit and activating the relay

5. Connector cable for connection to operators existing 12 VDC supply

6. Flood irrigation water detection system with alarm callout when water is detected (see below)

7. Dew or hay clip type sensors

Standard Relative Humidity / Temperature Probe Option
Irrigation Sensor Unit Option
Meterological grade arrangement Humidity probe unit (portable configuration)
Weather Station grade arrangement Humidity probe unit (portable configuration)
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