Custom Remote Sensing and Alarm Systems
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(Digital Cell Phone unit Shown)

Standard Relative Humidity / Temperature Probe Option
Irrigation Sensor Unit Option
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Custom built Systems for Portable Remote Monitoring and real time digitized voice notification for:

Hay Toughness for Baling Start Time

Relative Humidity


Flood Irrigation Water Position

Wind Velocity

General Switch Closures or Openings

2 Analog Inputs (for other commercially available sensors or user defined inputs)

Possible Applications:

Remote sensing/monitoring of Field crops, Row Crops Orchards and Pastures, Shop Security, Intruder alert, etc….

*Custom applications and configurations are also available.

The Phone Units Call you, and You can call them to; ask for current conditions, turn on something located at the device, or change the units trip points. The unit responds using digital voice messages.

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-Digital Cell Phone System-


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